Mobile Friendly Web Design Brisbane

Mobile Friendly Web Design Brisbane


Is your business website mobile ready?

If you haven’t already heard, your website needs to be mobile friendly, or simply put Google won’t love you!

It was predicted some years back the mobile phone usage for internet would overtake the norm of PCs and wherever you research that indeed is now the case.

The prediction is true, Australia has embraced mobile technology, we, are now one of the biggest users in the world per capita with in excess of 30 million mobile phone connections! Doesn’t make sense more mobile phones than people. But here’s the thing, it is a fact we now use our phones differently, 21% of us EXCLUSIVELY use our mobile phones for internet usage, that’s staggering.

Getting back to YOU. What are you going to do about your antiquated website?

You’ve already been told that Google doesn’t love you, but neither will those savvy mobile users that simply won’t be able to view your website on their phones. So what will they do? Pass you by, opportunity missed, if you’re not already convinced here’s a great link courtesy of ACMA click here;

Sorry if we’ve made you feel uncomfortable, although maybe you should be.

If you’d like more customers, if you’d like to move with the times, that’s where Printbiz Media can help transform your web presence and design a mobile ready website to capture your audience and convert them to customers.

Now you’re up to speed, you probably know there’s a lot more to a website than looking pretty on a PC, Tablet or Mobile phone.  You need to be found!  That’s where we can help too.  Clever copy writing, keyword selection are just a couple of key elements that will help your site achieve that illusive page one Google status.

Need more help with SEO? 

Contact us anytime for an obligation free quote, or just pick our brain and receive excellent service from a company that cares.  Mobile friendly web design Brisbane, at your finger tips 0466 878 555.