BYO Graphic Design File? Tips Made Easy

Our clients often come to us for print with their own artwork files, sometimes they are not actually print ready.  To help you we’ve compiled a list of simple instructions and some great terminology links to ensure your graphic design is ready to print!


1.   Ensure all images are 300 dpi or larger (this avoids pixilation and gives you a sharp image)

2.  Ensure your file is set CMYK throughout (RGB is unsuitable for offset print)

3.   3mm Bleed around the perimeter of your document

4.   Trim or crop marks

5.   Ask for you file to be set up as a PDF high resolution, print ready format which should encompass all off points 1-4


Our final tip is to obtain both the native file (origin such as Adobe InDesign or Illustrator) and your pdf and archive, having these files will save you time and money if you need to reprint or just update in the future

Still need help? Please contact us that’s what we’re here for 07 3151 2411