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Promoting your business provides gateways for communicating your product or service locally, nationally and internationally.  Websites, Social Media and Print are still the most effective ways of promoting what you do.


Printbiz Media can help you explore the potential of creating excitement in website design, SEO, social media and copywriting.

If you are new to this we can help you determine your market, create your branding and identify the opportunities to ensure your product or service is noticed, whilst being mindful of your budget and expected return on investment.

If you’re an old hand what we do is give you exceptional service, competitive pricing and make your journey with us easy.

Our experienced team can design your logo and branding, write clever copy and produce eye catching web design for any budget.

No matter how big or small, we are dedicated to providing you with great customer service, quality products, excellence in design at a competitive price.  Our aim is to build long term relationships of trust with our clients.

Collectively we have over 75 years of experience (but we’re not that old) in website design, marketing , copywriting and print media – to government, education and business.



Our speciality, our main focus is YOU and to ensure you are delighted with your outcome. A staff member is available for contact around the clock, if you need us we are just a phone call or email away, even on weekends or outside the 9-5 grind, we’re working for you.


We specialise in WordPress, arguably the most extensively used platform worldwide.  Reliable modern and responsive for PC, tablet and android.

Dr Harvey May is a leader in the field of Creative Industries, he is a published author and is a wiz at academic writing as well as creative copy, content writing for SEO and blogs.


WEBSITE COPYWRITING are you paying attention?
Generally 300 words per page is ample for yes, SEO again, plus an array of catchy headings.  The fact is most people like to skim not read, so it’s important to steer clear of sermons (of course there are exceptions).   Our team of talented copywriters can do this for you, or take the challenge and write your own!
Download our checklist and let’s get started!
What’s next?
Simply complete and return the checklist to us and we’ll provide a personalised proposal! For the best website design Brisbane Bayside and beyond contact Printbiz.


With over 15 years in the printing industry, we have a background in graphic design.  We do outsource our design to a small group of designers who we have dealt with for years.  Graphic design completes the picture, we project manage and provide briefs in general speak the tech talk!  The best thing is you the client receives the best outcome at the right price.